Nursing Home Dental Care is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, in-facility program designed to meet the complex dental needs of nursing facility residents and to support those who care for the residents. Dental services span the entire spectrum of care, including preventative care, diagnostic care, restorative care, dentures, emergency response, hygiene, inservices, and much more.

Why Dental Care?Senior Tea Time - Dental

  • Estimates of nursing home residents with unmet dental needs range from 80-96%.
  • 78% of residents have tooth decay and 40% have periodontal disease, both of which can cause and/or accelerate damage to the oral cavity, heart, brain and lungs.
  • Oral soft tissue lesions affect up to 38% of the elderly, causing pain and discomfort.
  • 80% of medications prescribed to seniors leave the resident more prone to oral bacteria, infection, decay and tooth loss.
  • Bacteria from gum infections can increase the development of plaque, that can cause strokes and heart attacks.
  • There is a strong correlation between dental health and general health.

Why Dental Care – If There Are No Teeth?

  • The bacteria, infection and oral cancer risks noted above can come from the gums and are not related to the presence of teeth.
  • If residents cannot chew properly or without pain due to ill-fitting dentures or the lack of dentures, their ability to eat healthy food is reduced – with serious general health implications.
  • The bone structure of the mouth changes over time, meaning dentures need to be adjusted.
  • Dentures may be lost or damaged and may require repair or replacement.
  • Better appearance may increase self-esteem and confidence, resulting in better overall health and quality of life.